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  • u learn how easy it is to have them be delighted to list and sell your houses for you – fast

  • Follow these 5 rules to completely dominate your market online

  • “Deals” are Buyer mousetraps… here’s the cheese you need to get them to bite

  • 3 easy-to-implement strategies to draw in more people to your website than watch the Super Bowl

  • Blogging absolutely gets great results. But blogging is A LOT of work… EXCEPT if you do it this way… so little work, such big rewards

  • Use Twitter this way and you could get enough leads to keep your pipeline full. Oh, and, you can automate the whole thing

  • Do you know about the premier tool of the trade that will completely automate 80-90% of your lead generation

  • Nobody ever plans to be in foreclosure. Here’s how you can use that to your advantage while your competition focuses on the wrong thing

  • Defining your sweet spot and why that matters… a lot

  • The #1 reason Investors fail to achieve a profitable business and how you won’t fall victim to it

  • types of marketing campaigns and when and why to use each one

  • The most valuable thing you can do in marketing

  • The most important marketing campaign input. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this and losing big

  • Free skip trace?… here’s 4 places to get them

  • The cheapest, most effective marketing is?

  • The marketing method that gets the greatest response

  • Follow these 3 rules to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Everything else is noise

  • How to set up your referral engine

  • Avoid these 3 top mistakes with Realtors

  • 4 best lead types… 2 of them virtually unknown

  • You got the lead, they’re not going to work out as a buyer or seller. Here’s how you can still monetize them

  • The hare and tortoise… what’s the critical difference?


(5 hours, 59 minutes of beyond the single deal, how to create a wealth building business.)

For some folks Real Estate Investing is a hobby. We wish them well. For the serious Investor – part time or full time – it’s a business with a profit objective… a huge profit objective.

Other courses may teach you some methods or techniques but no matter what type of investing you choose to focus on, until you learn how to work as a systematized business you’ll always be trading hours for dollars.

  • The crucial difference between a business owner and an investor and why it matters to your wealth

  • These are your 3 daily priorities. Build your business around these and success will be locked in

  • It’s not the money, it’s the…

  • Are you running on random… Do you know how much that costs you?

  • Start with ACER, explode your results

  • Six keys to a 7-figure business

  • How GAM can crush your productivity and the simple way to stop it

  • How to permanently lock your mind into wealth mode… so you’ll never struggle from deal to deal

  • Why each person working in your business – and YOU – need a POA

  • What drummers and meetings have in common

  • To take your business beyond today and this week you must consistently schedule time for FFT

  • The only time you should multi-task, in fact it’s much better to multi-task this way

  • The simple rule of thumb for outsourcing and delegation

  • A bad hire costs businesses on average $300,000. Here’s specifically how to advertise, sort and interview to ensure you hire right

  • What you get when you pay commission based compensation and why all of your employees and contractors should have at least part of their compensation commission

  • Have an in house negotiator? They should be able to handle this many files at a time. More than that and you risk them dropping the ball


(47 minutes of how to play wealth defense.)

  • Wealth alert: the top 4 legal and wealth challenges Real Estate Investors have and how to side step them

  • Keep accurate records of these 3 things or as many folks who haven’t, one day your wealth can go up in smoke

  • Handshakes are nice… at cocktail parties. Get this document signed before you allow anyone to do work on a property… and avoid a nasty legal hangover

  • Having the proper wealth shields discourages lawsuits like a frayed tight rope above a 5,000 foot canyon discourages visitors… how to determine what shields work for your unique situation

  • How many identities do you need?

  • Not all _____________ or all ____________ are created equal

  • Why the reality of visibility is a threat to you

As you can see this closed door conference was packed with top notch, elite Real Estate Investing information that can:

* make and grow your wealth…

* in a business that YOU lead rather than being a slave to…

* all while reducing your liability and taxes and protecting your wealth and livelihood

There’s a total 21 hours and 45 minutes of business and life changing content.

SIZE: 11,6 GB



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