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“Red Light, Green Light” System Consistently Grabs 10-50 Pips Per Day Like Clockwork…


…Giving You Automatic Daily Income
Stop throwing your money away on “systems” that promise you everything, deliver nothing, and suck your trading account dry!
Part-Time or Full-Time Trader…Beginner or Advanced? Anyone can start profiting from Delphi TODAY! By Jason Fielder
Forex Trader and System DeveloperIf you’re struggling with your trading and you’re searching for a system that will finally make you money, then I’m REALLY excited that you’ve found this webpage…Why? Because unlike everything else you’ve tried…I have something that ACTUALLY WORKS!

I know that’s a bold statement and I don’t expect you to believe me. Heck, at first glance I probably look like a lot of other so-called “Forex gurus” peddling their “flavor of the month” Forex system (that is really just an over-optimized piece of garbage that never has and never will work in the real world).

That’s not what this website is about, and that’s definitely NOT what I’m about…

What I have to show you works because it’s based on proven, long-term market fundamentals…the same market fundamentals that professional traders have been using for DECADES to pull money out of the markets.

In fact…

High-Powered Floor Traders in the Exchanges Have Made Their Fortunes by This Same Type of Method. It’s Called: Scalping the Markets!

Scalping is a favorite weapon in the arsenal of big-money day-traders. Simply put: it catches short-term explosive moves in the market for large profits – and exits just as quick, capturing huge gains.

Not only do you exploit quick momentum for money… you have minimum exposure, for minimum risk.

In sum, scalping is a fast-action method that’s as entertaining as it is profitable. You’re participating in the greatest show on earth – real-time minute-by-minute trading of world currencies – and you’re in the middle of the action, raking in regular, predictable profits while lesser traders too scared to pull the trigger.

Can you see why exchange traders make millions? They strike quickly when the opportunity presents itself — then vanish without a trace…

…with winnings that would make a millionaire blush!

But how they do it is so amazingly simple, you can learn it almost overnight.

In Fact I Just Recently Taught Someone To Trade This System In Just 25 Minutes…

I know, that sounds crazy, but it really happened. Let me explain…

I recently sat down with my brother in law and tested out this theory (of teaching an absolute beginner to trade with my system).

When we began he literally had to ask me what a PIP was!! And within about 25 minutes downloading the indicators, and going over the basics of the system, he was grasping all the concepts and was pretty much ready to begin taking his first trades (No Joke).

If you’re wondering how this is possible, the answer will unfold as you continue reading (it has lot to do with how fast the system actually tells you EXACTLY where to get in, and get out BEFORE you ever place any trade).

So hang on to your seat, because when you read this letter you’ll know the amazing advantages of scalping the Forex market…

So, How Is Scalping Different than Other Methods of Trading?

Look, if you have been around trading for any length of time, you’ve heard about “scalping.” And as we just touched on, (and you are probably already aware) it’s the way many of the big-money floor traders on the exchanges trade…

Other, more traditional trading methods, make you wait for hours… days… even weeks before you can take your profits. This method of trading, typical called swing trading, is still a good method of trading, in fact I still trade this way myself, but it’s certainly not the only way to trade, and in my opinion, definitely not the best way either.

Swing trading, while having certain advantages opens you up to sudden news announcements that can turn months of momentum in your favor around in a single day.

Swing trading also leaves you exposed, and can take weeks or months to achieve your trading goals.

Scalping however is very different. It cashes in on multiple small movements all day long, never leaving you exposed to any long term or even overnight risk! Plus, it uses periods of “predictable volatility.”

These are times we know the market is prone to faster movements, enabling us to exploit them for rapid, explosive profits… where we can rapidly realize double-digit hauls using a hit-and-run approach, that minimizes market risk exposure, and maximizes potential for pulling in pips.

So instead of getting into a trade and hoping to ride it out for the long-term, you get in, get out, and go take on the day! Look, I love to trade. But at the risk of sounding cute (and I HATE cute!) I trade to live, not the other way around.

And while most systems are complicated and hard to learn…

Delphi Is SO Simple To Understand, a 5th Grader Could Literally Learn How To Trade It In a Single Evening

Remember the example of my brother in law…

It’s simplicity is virtually unheard of… Delphi will always tell you EXACTLY where to enter, and exit every trade… before you ever get in!

Which means once a potential trade has triggered, you literally…

Set it, and forget it!

Go read a book… answer email… grab the wife away from the kids for a few hours…

…or maybe not.

I want you to try this on and get the feel of it so…

Let’s look at what a perfect scalping day looks like…


STEP 1: You roll out of bed around 8am eastern. (This is the ideal time because it allows you to catch the close of the European session and the open of U.S. session. NOTE: It’s not the only time you can scalp, but it’s my personal favorite.)



STEP 2: You sit down at your computer, and before your eyes is a near-perfect setup (it doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen MOST days…)



STEP 3: You wait for the currency to cross your pre-defined entry point (shown here by the yellow line) and you’re in the trade…



STEP 4: You place your stop loss and your take profit (shown by the top yellow line) in the market, and you go and make yourself a bowl of cereal…



 STEP 5: You return from the kitchen (cereal bowl in hand) and find that you’ve already pocketed 26 pips…




Now Do You See Why Scalping Is So Fun And Addictive?


But it’s more than fun…it’s also highly profitable (IF you know what you’re doing…) Now, If you think 26 pips is “chump change”, consider this…

If you could average a 15 pip profit just 4 days out of the week, you could turn a $5000 trading account into…


$60,000 …in Just 12 Months!


That’s a full-time income for most people, and it’s possible to accomplish that trading just a few minutes every day…

And With An average Of 70% Accuracy… You’re In VERY Good Hands With Delphi…

Yes, you read right, on average based on all past trades taken, Delphi wins about 7 out of every 10 trades it takes…

And the best part is – as a Delphi owner, you will be taking the very same trade I do, because the system ALWAYS tells you exactly where to get in and where to get out.

So when I say 7 out of 10 winners I’m not just talking for me, I’m talking for you too!

And when I show trading examples, I’m not showing you best case scenarios, I’m showing you the exact same trade that you would have if you were a Delphi owner!

So now is it starting to make sense why the system is so easy to trade, and learn? (Not to mention accurate!)


Don’t get me wrong, scalping isn’t without its risks, especially when it comes to scalping the Forex. So let’s look at why…

  • Traditional scalping (i.e. stock market scalping) involves getting into a trade for only a few seconds and sniping a handful of ticks/pips at a time.
  • Large spreads in the Forex don’t allow this form of scalping
  • Large volatility in the Forex means you don’t need to settle for such tiny per-trade profits

IMPORTANT: When you hear traders tell you that scalping is “risky”, they’re usually referring to “traditional” scalping (the kind of scalping developed for the stock market)

Delphi Has 4 Specific Fail Safes Built Right In To The System, Drastically Reducing The Risk Most Other Scalping Systems Face…
  • I call a “10 Pip Minimum” rule…instead of settling for 4 or 5 pips!
  • I only trade during set time-frames (between 8am and noon)…instead of all day every day (which means I actually have a life!)
  • I average 7 out of 10 winners, which REALLY gives me confidence to pull the trigger…even if I’ve just had a couple losers in a row! Because I know if I have these winners, the odds are REALLY in my favor now. (It’s kind of like when you are playing roulette and you’ve the ball has landed on black 5 times in a row – it’s a good time to chose red!)
  • I have pre-determined entries, exits and stop-losses…so I remove emotion, limit my losses and lock in my profits!

That last one – the part about removing emotions – just got you past one of the biggest reasons traders fail. Fear. Trepidation. Being afraid to enter a trade that turns out good. Being afraid to exit a trade gone bad.

Fear is mind numbing… It the account killer.

And Delphi makes emotions of any kind irrelevant, which makes Delphi far less risky than most trading systems as you’re not relying on your own emotions to make quick last minute decisions, and makes the system itself more like…

Your Own Personal ATM Machine!

And Here’s Why…

It’s simple – it’s not a question of IF you’ll succeed, but WHEN. That is, if you can follow directions.

And if you can’t follow simple directions, then you may as well stop reading now, and find a different way to get rich.

Are you still with me?


Because this is a simple paint-by-numbers approach. It makes this system vastly unique.

  • No self-defeating anxiety (no emotions that kill most traders)
  • No guesswork involved (you always know when to enter end exit EVERY TRADE!)

Here’s the truth – either it’s time to execute a trade, or it’s not. And you know it in advance, every single time. All you need to do is be able to see when you get an arrow.

It’s that cut and dry…

Were you expecting something more complex?

Sorry. It’s the simplest systems that perform the best.

Delphi Turns Scalping Trades to Swing Trades To Pull 50, 80, Even 100 Pips From Single Trades…




The Delphi System Makes Trading a Blast!


You have to check this out: Imagine a video game for adults…

Imagine getting entertainment value from making money….

And with this simple system, you’ll…

  • Anticipate the thrill of victory each time you open your charts, looking forward to defeating the competition in the markets… casting fear aside, you know you’ll enjoy your wins, while others envy your success
  • Grow your account in only 60 – 90 minutes per day… in less time than most people who play “Call of Duty” spend on their passion… yet, you’ll have just as much fun, and build your bank account at the same time!
  • Blasting away the opposition has never been so profitable… racking up points will be immediately translated to dollars and cents… (but believe it or not… getting this must pleasure from making a massive cash is not illegal, fattening, or immoral)But if you’re not a gamer, please forgive us our guilty pleasures. Because if you’re a serious investor, you may have a different mindset… and that’s okay.

For even the most serious of trader, after you’ve deployed this system, you’ll begin to look at it more like a rapid and consistent way to grow your trading account.

So listen up – this is important: this method will help you to become a more profitable and accurate trade, FAR faster than you could do on your own. All you have to do is follow the easy blueprint I lay out for you.

And part of that is what I call my…

Four Secrets to Scalping the Forex

These lie at the heart of the Delphi Forex scalping system:

  1. Determine high-probability time-frames to trade in. (HINT: Predictable volatility is essential! – see above)
  2. Determine which pair (or pairs) you should scalp. (HINT: The more volatile the pair, the easier it is to scalp off a few pips.)
  3. Use a fundamental indicator such as PRICE ACTION (i.e. support and resistance lines) to determine your entry and exit points
  4. Use technical indicators to give you directionality (HINT: I prefer to scalp in the same direction as the trend)

Now, you need to understand this:

If you want to maximize the accuracy of your scalping trades, you must follow all 4 steps in the order they are given…

…leave one out, and your accuracy is toast!

Once I Discovered These “4 Rules”, I Swore to Myself I’d Develop A Scalping System That Would Use Every Single One

And after nearly a year of research and testing, I had it… so I named this new scalping system…

Delphi Scalper

…because much like the all-knowing, all-seeing oracle from Greek mythology, this “Delphi” is able to predict rapid moves in the Forex market with amazingly-high accuracy.

Delphi is a complex trading system made up of dozens of proprietary indicators and data-sets thatcombine to form four (4) primary components (one for each of the “4 Rules”…)

Don’t get me wrong – Delphi was complex to create, but it’s SIMPLE to trade

All you need to do is wait for the computer to calculate how all 4 components of Delphi to “line up”…then it gives you the signal…

And you’re in the trade!

In fact, it’s SO simple, I recently taught my brother in law to trade it in about 25 minutes…and when we first sat down he literally asked me what a pip was! (He’s asked me a lot of things… an MIT grad, he’s not… but he can trade this successfully!)

Which is actually a good thing, because a GOOD system will find you good trades…

But a GREAT system will not only find you GOOD trades – but also keep you out of the market when there AREN’T any good trades! This shelters you from unnecessary losses many systems are simply unable to do.

So Prepare To Get You Best Game On! Because This White-Hot System Will:
  • Transform your trading into a relentless profit-pulling skill that finds and executes winners, while steering clear of losers – it’s all in following the simple set of rules…
  • Watch in amazement as your bank account goes up (instead of down)… because you’ve boosted your win/loss ratio significantly higher with this high-probability system…
  • Take only hours, not months to completely grasp this system, and hit the charts with it! Realize the same success in days that literally takes others years!
  • Benefit from what I call the “Momentum Juggernaut…” where you exploit the system’s built-in flexibility and power to roll over other traders in the market, posting up HUGE wins!
  • Grab this proven edge that will tip the odds in your favor… You’ll be making the exact same trades I do… and in very little time, with the confidence of a seasoned pro.
Here’s Exactly How Delphi Makes You Money

STEP 1: The proprietary “Opportunity Window” highlights the best times to scalp. It’s very simple to use…if you’re inside the “opportunity window” you’re free to trade. If you’re outside the “window”, I suggest you NOT TRADE (even if the other three indicators recommend otherwise)


 STEP 2: The proprietary “Currency Strength Indicator” tells you which pair you should be trading. It’s simple…just look for the lines moving away from one another (in this case it’s the orange line and the red line, each of which represent a specific INDIVIDUAL currency) and that gives you the pair you need to be trading.


STEP 3: The “Price Action Indicator” lines (seen here in yellow) give you historical areas of support and resistance. In Delphi, we use this highly accurate lines as our entry and exit points.

STEP 4: The “Technical Arrows” are our technical indicator. They give us directionality and are the final filter for whether or not we should PULL THE TRIGGER and trade!

Delphi is a true “red-light / green-light system.” Nothing could be easier. Nothing at all… So now you know one of the answers too…

What Makes Delphi Different?

There’s not another system out there like Delphi. Here’s why:

  • Delphi removes opinion which eliminates costly errors of judgement (10 users, 10 identical results)
  • Delphi has a lightning-fast learning curve (The system does most of the work for you, so you can start trading in minutes!)
  • Delphi is NOT a “Black Box” (You learn the system all the way down to the nitty-gritty details – if you really want to.)
  • Delphi is Perhaps the only red-light / green-light scalping system in existence!

In other words – it’s as easy as you want – or as complex as you want. You can trade it out of the box in a matter of an evening… and then, if you like, peel back the layers of the onion to see the inner workings of it.


What You Are Doing With Delphi Is Regularly Taking Advantage of the Volatility that Strikes Fear Into the Hearts of Almost Everyone Else!


Here’s the secret – my system is designed to work during periods of high market volatility…the very same times most “ordinary” traders are often too scared to play.

That’s intentional, because it scares off the competition… and you make your money while they scurry away with their tails between their legs.

Here’s what I mean… the amateurs run for the exits, while you coolly clean up on the pips they leave behind. And after you grab your profits, you leave too.

It’s like this – someone yells “fire” in a crowded theater, and everyone runs for the exits. But you know how to casually stroll towards the back-door, picking up the goodies the herd left behind, while they trampled each other going the opposite way in their mad dash to safety.

Once your pockets are bulging with cash, you leisurely walk out the back-door… but not until the time is right, once you have fully taken advantage of the volatile mood of the crowd.

Get the picture?

Good. Because now I’m going to reveal the second big reason (other than the huge profits involved) that makes scalping the Forex one of my favorite ways to trade…

Okay! Now that you’ve seen how Delphi works, let’s talk about how you can start trading this amazing system in your own account…

Delphi Owners Get Everything they Need to be Consistent, High-Profit Traders!

Delphi Scalper Forex Scalping System by Jason Fielder


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