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Forex Channel Trading has developed our own trade system this year to take advantage of Adaptive Price Channel based trading. We have tested Forex markets using a range of indicator formulas to verify the best price channels available to the Forex trader. Forex Channel Trading specializes in price action based trading through the use of adaptive price channels. Using “adaptive” price channels that automatically adjust to changes in volatility is a major strength of our overall system. Through extensive testing, we completely understand the benefits of a structured approach to price action “benchmarking” with price channels. We prefer polynomial regression style price channels to identify optimal entry points, profit target locations, and trend direction guidance. The integration of non-time based price charts, with unique formula price channels, leads to an efficient trading method. Our simplistic trade system was developed with range bar and heiken ashi candlesticks to benefit from smoothed price action plots and multiple time frame flexibility.

The effective Forex Channel Trading System uses a very unique Forex price channel to differentiate the best BUY and SELL zones. The Forex Channel Trading system pin-points BUY side entries off the lower blue channel zone and pin-points SELL side entries off the upper red channel zone. The BUY or SELL side entries are qualified by separate trend watch indicators. The upper indicator region measures trend shiftsand the lower indicator region measures trend strength. Our trade system will fit well with traders who like to trade varrying time frames. The Heiken Ashi candlestick chart time frames are adjustable for scalping, position trading, and swing trading. We utilize “non-time” based chart time frames for our system, and you can adjust the candlestick “pip sizing” to set your chart time frames as needed – complete flexibility! The Forex Channel Trading indicators self-adjust to changes in volatility which is critical in these modern news driven markets.

Our system is very straight forward and designed for quick learning, it should take only 3 to 5 trade days to learn this simple approach. The Forex Channel Trading method includes all the indicators you see, indicator settings, chart templates, and trader adjustable variables. You have the ability to adjust items like indicator colors, indicator parameters, time frames, etc. This Forex method has several basic rules which can be followed without the “brain lock” seen in most of the overly complicated systems. The Forex Channel Trading system was created to trade profitably with both market order or limit order entry types. You will not experience adverse performance decay while using market order entries. For a beginning trader, this is a key advantage with the Forex Channel Trading method. Usually newer traders don’t have established “quick response” limit order trade entry techniques. You can trade this system all day long with just market order entries if you wanted to. This system was built for easy trading right from the start and you can always use limit order entries if that is your preference.

Forex Channel Trading is a structured system designed to keep you out of the lower volatility chop, by only taking trades at the price channel zones. The system is also filtered by the lower region trend strength indicator, to keep you away from countering strong trends. This is a designed feature which is critical for higher probability trading. We all know that market chop and hard trends are usually the two worst price action environments. That type of common price action tears up most traders, and we developed the Forex Channel Trading method specifically to handle these conditions through a well designed system.

One built in feature which is critical to the success of the Forex Channel Trading system is the designed money management. As you enter trades, with tight stops, the mid channel and far channel targets work out to well over 1:2 risk to reward trading. There are several money management options offered within our training material to clearly explain your trade management options. The video training is simple to follow and all the basic system rules are broken down one-by-one. We do cover indicator installation and charting template installation for the MT4 platform within our in-depth private access video training. The Forex Channel Trading system also includes a .pdf manual which is clear to understand. The downloadable training document has text instructions and images to document our few system rules. You will find that installing our trading tools and learning the overall system will take about one day of dedicated training. We suggest using the rest of one trading week to watch the system live and get used to the entry signals. This trade system is not complicated and we do not build systems that take weeks or months to learn.

Forex Channel Trading is providing the first 250 traders limited access to our best new system for a one time fee of $97.00 . After the first 250 traders take advantage of this offer we will adjust pricing upward to enhance our ongoing support. This is one of the few simple to follow trade systems available at this time that can be utilized within a few days of system purchase. If you are looking for an “easy to learn” trading method, that is effective at trading profitably, then we recommend taking immediate advantage of our limited release offer. As you can see from the images below, we have a tight system that makes sense right away after you see the cut and dry trade entry points. Take a look at the various trade entries documented below and see if you can figure out how to use this system in your own trading. Our trade entry triggers are visually clear as you can see in some of the trade examples…


Forex Channel Trading System Template

Forex Channel Trading System

Forex Channel Trading System

Forex Channel Trading System

Forex Channel Trading System

Forex Channel Trading System

Forex Channel Trading System

Basic Trade Entry Rules


I am sure you can see from the trade entries indicated in the images above this is not a hard system to understand. Let’s go through some of the basic rules for trade entry;

1) BUY at green candlestick close and SELL at red candlestick close (market order or limit order entry of your choice)

2) BUY when set up occurs at or below blue channel zone and SELL when set up occurs at or above red channel zone

3) BUY when trend shift indicator plots blue bar and SELL when trend shift indicator plots a red bar

4) BUY when trend strength indicator has “hook up” plot and SELL when trend strength indicator has “hook down” plot

Here is an algorithmic logic string for a LONG trade entry;

–> Price at or below blue channel zone [YES] –> Green candlestick close [YES] –> Trend Shift plots blue bar [YES] –>Trend Strength has “hook up” plot [YES] –> Enter trade LONG.

The Forex Channel Trading system includes all the details of our system entries within our training material to include money management. For a BUY or SELL side entry we utilize the mid-channel line as our initial target and the far channel zone as our secondary target – pretty simple profit target locations. Our system is designed for 1:2 risk to reward minimum, and we cover initial stop placement and trade management options in our training material. The Forex Channel Trading system does not need wide stops and we do not trade systems that require wide stops to compensate for loose entries – there is no need for that. The best way to become consistent and profitable in your trading is built on the fundamentals of solid money management, while trading an easy to follow system. Trade a system with few rules, easy to identify trade set ups, and take action! Let the high win-to-loss ratio and sound money management of our system create the trading opportunities you have been looking for. This is the foundation of building a profitable trading business, trading a simplistic mechanical method blended with “profits biased” money management design.



  • All Forex Channel Trading Indicators you see in the images above set for the MT4 trade platform.
  • The Forex Channel Trading specific chart template for quick chart set up.
  • Completely adjustable & unique Heiken Ashi “pip sizing” based chart time frames – set your charts for scalping, position trading, or swing trading.
  • Indicators with trader adjustable variables on your own MT4 platform – change settings, time frames, colors, etc.
  • Private website access for all Forex Channel Trading training material – both videos and .pdf file training manual.
  • Email support for any questions you have in regards to the Forex Channel Trading System (one year term).
  • FREE trade system updates for one year – any updates to the system between now and Oct 2014 are yours at no extra cost.
  • Access to our Trade Action Video Reports where we address system questions and show live trade examples from the prior week.
  • A special bonus Trend Shift precision “price cycles” timing indicator – this is worth the $97 package price alone.

Trend Shift Indicator

Trend Shift Indicator

Trend Shift "price cycle" Indicator adds additional trade entry confirmation!

Trend Shift “price cycle” Indicator adds additional trade entry confirmation!



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