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HOT NEWS3: Here is latest screenshot from my MT4 – my part time TRADING results!

HOT NEWS2: Here is latest screenshot from my MT4 – my part time TRADING results!

HOT NEWS1: Here is latest interesting screenshots + video to show you real “picture”

+45 Pips on BUY order on GBPUSD, M5

+23 Pips on BUY order on EURUSD, M5

+28 Pips on BUY order on USDJPY, M5

JetScalper is a unique system developed on the basis of the recent achievements of the newest and most advanced IT technology, that allows you to make accurate market predictions. You have never experienced anything like this on the market. The system consists of:

 Trend indicator: absolutely unique indicator with unbelievable forecasting abilities. You may ask yourself a question:”What differentiates this indicator from the standard MA?”. Actually, only 20% of it is a standard MA. The rest of the contentsare: a very powerful flat indicator, a filter with advanced transmitting function, and our “know-how”, a trigger that defines an extreme point after which the trend’s direction changes. It is necessary to highlight that indicator also defines flat.
 JetFilter: a filter based on the rule “Trend is your friend”. It shows and processes the data from a higher timeframe and shows the direction of the “Global trend”. This way, if you combine trend indicator and a filter, the probability of the false signal will be reduced to a minimum.
 Spread Control: one of the most important elements of traiding is spread. Taking into consideration the fact that for one order trader usually gets 1 more PIPs, opening the order in “strong” negative is certainly ineffective.
 Trailing Support: we all know very well how fast situation on the market changes. As soon as you get the profit, the price rapidly changes and you are in a loss. To avoid this we suggest you to use JetTrailing. All you need is to set beforehand necessary SL-TP and trailing parameters.

For the first time scalping is going to bring not only profit but also pleasure! Now you can get 50-150 PIPs daily – just follow the signals of our newest development.  Believe it or not – it is a tool that is able to exactly predict the price change before it actually happens!


Many traders do not trust Expert Advisors and prefer trading personally. Most of them are into scalping, and there is a reasonable explanation for that. It is enough just to name the advantages of such type of trading:

One of the most important reasons of scalping trading style being widely spread is its financial affordability. You can start even with small capital for a such type of the trading and the small risks make the process of scalping itself the most stable and predictable.
The opportunity to quickly increase the starting deposit. Even if you trade 2-3 hours a day, you can increase your deposit for 10-15% daily.
“Fast” deals: you don’t have to spend many hours at the PC, as almost every order closes within 10-30 minutes. At that, you fully control the situation.
Minimum risks: the price fluctuations provide small profit from every order! If you won’t be greedy, you can earn up to 95% wins. SL as a rule is small, that’s why if you open the order incorrectly you won’t suffer big losses.
Full freedom to choose the time for trading. 
Adrenaline and colourful impressions from each dollar earned. 

I think that almost each of us tried his powers at scalping. This experience probably wasn’t successful for all. Nevertheless, defeat is also some sort of experience. Now, thanks to the newest JetScalper system, you will behave like a real professional.

Thanks to the unique scalping technology with a very high accuracy of the signals, you can receive a huge profit not depending on your experience! All you need is to just follow the signals and hints of the system! The secret of the success of this system is based on the unique trend indicator with unbelievable possibilities of forecasting…


Scalping is actually much more profitable than robots or trading on high Time Frames. Of course, every rule has exceptions. But the explanation is quite simple: it is just enough to look at the 2 charts and you will understand everything.


Having the right tool, Scalping is the fastest and safest way of trading. The most important is that the result is made up out of big amount of orders, i. e. you don’t depend on the deciding order outcome. You have a lot of little deals, that form your capital all together!

Don’t waste your time! Start earning right now! During these few minutes you could possibly earn your first PIPs. I promise, you will be impressed with the results!


Scalping is one of the types of manual trading, which is available to any of us: to students, workers, professional traders and so on. We are offering you a system that will fit everyone, not depending on the level of your preparation and professional sphere. And I’m going to prove it to you:

For beginners: in most cases beginners start from scalping. It attracts them with the possibility to start with a small capital, and, as a rule, the trading works with a big efficiency.
For part time traders: who prefer to combine trading with the main job. Scalping, unlike other types of trading, doesn’t require constant participation in the trading process. You may trade 1-2 hours a day, at any time of the day.
For professional traders: you have an opportunity to combine trading on the high TF with more dynamic.

We tried to make our system the most easy to use. Everything is graphical, trend indicator shows the direction of trend, a filter helps to avoid false signals. For the simplicity and convenience the direction of the trend and the spread are introduced on the chart. Alerts will help you to relax and step out of the computer. You will never miss a new signal!


Taking into consideration that it’s a manual system, the final result, of course, depends a lot on the trader himself. It is you who take a decision where and when to open the position. Nevertheless, the signals generated by JetScalper are 80-85% exact. I’m talking about absolutely real numbers. Here are my results on ONE currency pair, as an example:

Okey, not too much, right? I made approximately 156 Pips just in less than 3 days, but as only PART TIME trader. I was busy with my emails & preparation work. But JetScalper is really smart one, you can make PIPs all the time. Here few more trades by me:

Okey, here is another 45 Pips as a part time operation. I didn’t have trading from morning till night as my aim. I just did it from time to time. And the results came really fast! Everyone has his own style of trading. Somebody gets 3-5 pips, while others wait for a bit profit. Here is one more screenshot from my MT4:

You can earn up to 50-150 pips daily without any additional efforts. Thanks to the most advanced technology we have got a system that is able to predict the price movement, making you richer and financially independent! JetScalper is something you have never tried before! Try it once and you will never want to stop using it! It will be your partner in an uneasy battle for the Pips.

Let me show you some screenshots as well. Believe me, traders, you have NEVER seen such a SMART system before… I don’t want to show you many OLD pictures with unreal profit and so on. I just want you to see real pictures and LATEST ones ONLY. I showed you my real trading results, just real pictures & profit for you!

Okey, It’s Monday (March, 3) and market is really quiet. I made a screenshot with H1 time frame to show you how it looks there. There is no good trends, mainly sideway market. But even in such situation you can make some Pips on M5. I don’t think that it’s good way to trade on the market in such condition. I have even my personal rule on that way: “Don’t trade just because you want to trade”. Better to take a pause sometimes and than make much more PIPs on real market movements. It’s just my own opinion, but anyway…

On that chart I want to show you, that sometimes, filter reduce even profitable trades. As you can see, by using just Trend Indicator line you could get around 40 Pips, but by following filter you could get only 20 Pips. Anyway, market is really quiet today – that was the reason. But still profitable!

Here is one of the latest screenshot on GBPUSD, aggressive style + JetFilter. 61 Pips and still running! Awesome!!!

Okey, another good picture: aggressive style + JetFilter. +28 Pips and still running…

Today, March, 4 – I have the LATEST screenshots for you! I just want to show REAL pictures, I suppose NO ONE interesting in seeing OLD pictures with doubtful profit! There is my latest profit results as well!

EURUSD, M5 – today, March 4

GBPUSD, M5 – today, March 4

USDJPY, M5 – today, March 4

Okey, here is latest screenshots just before the launch. I was out of PC to get it all… but I made some new trades too. Here is my latest screenshot from MT4 with PART TIME trading…

Another 70 Pips to my collection! This is absolutely unique tool! Get your copy today!!!

Any currency pairs: nevertheless, we recommend to use our system on main currency pairs.
Timeframe M5
JetTrailing support: a tool that will help you to save and to increase the amount of PIPs. At opening the order TP and SL levels will be set automatically and, when the price reaches certain level, trailing will start. 
Easy to use: any beginner, as well as an advanced user is able to use scalper. Installation of the product takes no more than 5 minutes.
MT4 platform (4/5 digits brokers): scalper automatically identifies 4 and 5 digits broker. You don’t have to do any calculations.
Small starting capital: $50 will be enough to use the scalper.
Minimum risks.
Notifications: there are several types of notifications: alerts and emails.
Shows the amount of the spread, as well as the current movement of trend on the chart.
Buy or Sell is not a question for you any more.


Thanks to our new unique system, you can predict the price movement on currency pairs. Trading has never been so simple and profitable! Trend indicator draws a dotted line. If a trend goes up, it has a blue colour.  This way you will exactly understand what to do. The same happens if a trend goes down: the line will have red colour.  And there are information on the chart about Current direction of the trend. This signal comes from JetFilter. If it shows Blue bars – you will see  the words “current trend is UP” on the chart and if JetFilter shows red bars – you will see “current trend is DOWN” on the chart.

But that’s not all. Thanks to the latest IT technology, we could reduce the delay in identification of the trend to a minimum.Now you will be getting fast and qualitative signals IN TIME! One of the biggest problems of the scalping, The SPEED of entrance signals, is now solved! Our system guarantees exact and qualitative signals FASTER than any other indicator! Now you can get much more pips than ever!

It is necessary to highlight the fact that for you not to miss a signal we have made several types of notifications. You will get a sound alert with data to make a decision, and also you will be able to set an email notifications.

We understand how important it is for you to open an order in the right direction. That’s why we have created an additional filter, so you could filter the signals and open the order with double confirmation. The essence of the filter is quite simple: it shows the tendency and the direction of the trend on higher Time Frame and mix it with situation on M5. so called “Global trend” direction. This way, you will trade using the great rule “Trend is your friend“.

Oh, yes. It is necessary to note the fact that we have introduced the chart on the spread amount. Even the most prospective order opened in a big minus is able to spoil your mood. We took care of it too! If the spread is big, it will have a red colour on the chart. Like this you will notice it better. At normal conditions it will have green colour on the chart.

Aggressive style allow you to get more adrenalin, but I highly recommend to use it strictly with JetFilter in couple. Safer.

So, what else do you need to make your trading maximum comfortable and profitable? I think, it is necessary to fix no loss in time. Taking into consideration that the movements of the price are quite sharp, we often physically can’t fix the profit manually and the price again goes into the opposite direction. To avoid this, we suggest you to use JetTrailing support. You can set it as you need it and it will be fixing Stop Loss, Take Profit levels and trailing Stop Loss to extract maximum profit out of each trade! Impressive? Quite!

Few more words about alerts and Stop Loss: You have 2 ways how to set Stop Loss for each order. First of all, you can set certain number of PIPs in TrailingSupport and always use it. But we decided to offer you another kind of Stop Loss calculation. Stop Loss calculates as previous bar max/min + 10 Pips. You will see that calculation in Alert. It’s up to you  – you can use any other ways as well. But I wanted to mention that.

I personally use JetScalper in daily life and can tell you that I’ve never seen anything more profitable! JetScalper is a complicated system with maximum easy and simple interface for a trader. All you need is to follow the signals of the indicator and open orders in time. We have created a unique tool to receive profit EVERY HOUR!!!
JetScalper is created to work on Metatrader 4 platform (build 600 and upper). Make sure, that you have latest upgrade of MT4. We used LATEST IT technologies and it’s possible to use them all on latest versions of MT4. It’s easy and free to upgrade it. Its automatically identifies 4 and 5 digits brokers, that’s why you don’t have to worry about it. It is necessary to select a broker very carefully and thoroughly. At present, there is a great quantity of brokers, but not many of them provide qualitative service. We should highlight the fact that fraud of the trader has increased significantly. I could dedicate a separate chapter to this situation, but We will just show several examples of such fraud and what should one be aware of while choosing the broker:

One of the types of fraud are frequent mistakes at opening/closing orders because of the price change. Yes, such thing happens. But if it happens too often, you have to think about it. This way, you open/close order in worse conditions than what you desired. This is a VERY important element for scalping. It is all about the certain pips.
We have to also note the spread, which is, as a rule, often changed by a broker. We have introduced the size of spread into the chart for you not to open an order in worst conditions. And now you can see why!

We recommend you to use a broker with a good reputation. Often unknown brokers try to attract traders with low spreads and different bonuses, but when it comes to the payouts the picture changes dramatically. Please, be very attentive!


As we have mentioned, there are 5-7 minutes which separate you from the installation to the functioning. When you receive the product you must:

Unpack the archive: extract the product (with the expansion exe), and also user’s manual (pdf)
You should familiarize with the installation guide, copy ex4 files in the necessary folders of your broker.
Launch MT4, choose the chart. The timeframe is M5. And launch the product.
The unique JetScalper is available with 30% discount. Don’t lose your chance to be among the first satisfied customers! Think about it!



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Bonus: 3 Trailing Scripts

Document : Forex Jetscalper Users Manual




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