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“Brand New Fast-Paced Trading System Shows

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The Brand New, Hotly Anticipated High Velocity Market Master 2010 Gives You A “Backstage Pass” To Industry-Leading Investment Tools, Training, and Exclusive Resources So You Can Learn How To Trade The Markets Live… Without Prior Experience, A $50,000 Account, or An 8-Hour A Day Time Investment!

Mark Soberman Day Trader Swing Trader

Over 20+ Years Trading… Over 15+ Years Developing… And Over 13+ Years Teaching Thousands Of Traders World-Wide!

My name is Mark Soberman, President of NetPicks Trading (aka: High Velocity Market Master). Years ago, I was just like you. I had no idea how to trade the markets for profit. In fact, it was a complete mystery to me how people could make such a killing actively investing!

On my first trade ever, the worst thing in the world that could have happened to me – happened. My trade went to target and I made ALOT of cash (well, alot in those days anyways).

Why was this such a terrible thing?

Because I leveraged WAY too much and in the process of profiting off of bad technique, it sent me down a multi-year path of bad habits, negligent money management, not to mention virtually NO risk management. I had no rules – only inexperienced “gut” feelings that were guided by my emotions. (If you’ve ever traded with your hard-earned money, you KNOW what I’m talking about!)

E-mini NASDAQ – For A Total $105 Per Contract
E-mini NASDAQ trading system
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But eventually, I stumbled upon a trading system that promised to help me to become a better trader. They got me hook, line and sinker. I bought – I learned – and I actually saw success.

Even more fortuitous, I figured out that I could actually deconstruct their rules and create a hybrid system that could make me even MORE money than the original system that came right out of the box. And that’s where I got my first inkling that I could actually become a ‘system developer’.

Since then, I‘ve created well over a dozen comprehensive trading systems used by, literally, thousands of traders all over the world.

My company, NetPicks LLC, has been around since 1996 – practically since the dawn of the internet. I have fond memories of running my first forex signal service via fax machine. Boy, I’m really showing my age now!

In that time, I’ve also assembled a genius team of professional traders that not only are phenomenal investors, but are also incredible teachers – helping and supporting every single new trader that comes aboard the NetPicks Trading Family.

My trading systems have been featured in publications such as Futures Magazine and Stocks & Commodities and members of my staff have spoken at key events like the International Trader’s Expo.

So what does that mean to you?

It means you’ve found a real educational company who’s known for cutting-edge, ‘outside-the-box’ training in the investment space. And we’ve got the success stories to back it up!

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high velocity market master trading success stories

“The folks at NetPicks have done it again.”

Never satisfied with resting on their laurels, they continue to develop new trading tools for their clients. This latest trading system builds on the success of their current systems by doing a great job of keeping us out of trades during market chop, while maintaining the winning edge that we have all become accustomed to. What allows them to do this is the fact that they are first and foremost traders.

With their systems development expertise and daily feedback from clients, they continue to provide us with new trading tools to suit the style of any trader. The High Velocity Market Master is a great addition to our trading arsenal of day, swing, and position trading tools. Great job guys!

Bob Malinowski
Arlington, VA
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high velocity market master trading success stories footer

That’s just ONE of the many success stories that I’ve been proud to play a part in… In fact, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today unless we made good on the trading system.

Of course, I’ve trained my fair share of traders that eventually went on to make enough to support themselves. But what may surprise you is that once they get my system down and their prorities in order, they literally only trade in just minutes a day! And that kind of freedom – to do whatever they want WHEN they want… is absolutely priceless.

Just think about what you could do if you didn’t have to work an 8-hour job! You could spend more time with your kids and family… you could pick up a new hobby or work on your short game… you could finally travel like you always said you would. Or even work on your next business! The possibilities are endless when you’re not tied to a full-time day-job. That’s the beauty of becoming a successful system trader.

And for those of you nay-sayer’s… It’s all possible. My coaches are living that dream… *I* am living that dream! Just last week I was in Paris, France and Bruges, Belgium enjoying a full two week vacation with the family (pictures to come). Did I miss my old days in cubicleland? Not a chance 😉

All you need is the right training, tools and tactics. That’s where we come in – specifically, the High Velocity Market Master. Our mission is helping traders put the foundations in place to easily create a trading career that you want (be it a hobby or full-time gig).

Forex – GBPUSD For A Total Profit of 32 Pips!
Forex GBPUSD trading strategy

Introducing: The High Velocity Market Master!
The Results-Oriented Trading System For The Rapid-Fire Trader

I’ve spent months gearing up for this Premiere. Creating the software, designing the system, writing the rules and setting it out there for our testers. Then, it was back to the lab as I honed and refined all components of this system incorporating feedback I received from my coaches an beta testers. My blood, sweat and tears went into the High Velocity Technique… and it works like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Now, I know that the only thing that’s going to convince you is actual proof. Well check this out…

Treasury Notes – 10Yr For A Total $140.63 Per Contract
Treasury Notes - 10Yr trade course
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The High Velocity Technique

Most people want to know what’s the secret behind the High Velocity Market Master. And to that I answer, “It’s all in the technique.” The HVMM is organic… not simply the sum of its parts, this system is synergistic. The High Velocity Technique uses my top-secret indicators with proven rule structure to get you in to win and out in a flash. Our motto is:

get in, get out, get DONE with this trading method

Combined with clear and concise rules that give you precise entries and exits – the High Velocity Market Master does 90% of the work for you! Seriously, all you need to do is learn the rules, watch for a setup (the system identifies this for you) and place and manage your trade to target. That’s it.

Even better, the HVMM system *knows* great price action and can tell the difference from ugly, choppy market conditions. No more taking losing trades during choppy sessions, ending the day deeply in the red because you (or your other system) couldn’t identify when to stay OUT. The High Velocity Technique keeps you out of the chop and churn so you don’t LOSE your capital.

And if you’re wondering if this system is ‘blackbox’, rest-assured – it’s not. We don’t believe in some hocus-pocus system that doesn’t let you see what’s behind the curtain. I am an EDUCATOR first and foremost and believe every trader should know the when and why for every trade. Sure, I’ve set up this system so that you don’t HAVE TO know the fine details in order to profit but for all you technical geeks out there (just like me), I provide a full disclosure in each training. Blackbox? Psh.

Check out this quick video in which Brian Short narrates the HVMM indicators…


The High Velocity Market Master gives you EVERYTHING you need to start trading your favorite markets profitably. Period. Here’s how it works…

When you become a HVMM System Owner, we’re going to send you your Resource Training Package immediately. Within this package is your ticket to successful trading whether you prefer forex, futures, stocks or options markets. It even covers both day and swing time frames.

You’ll receive an entire suite of custom indicators personally developed and refined by me. You’ll also open up your package and find five full CD’s worth of video-based training. From start to finish – me and my coaches are there holding your hand through this learning process. You can also expect to receive printed training manuals for quick reference as well as a detailed guide to markets an time frames. And lastly, you’ll receive an entire YEAR’s membership to the High Velocity Market Master Owner’s Club!

The entire learning process is broken out for you in step-by-step pieces so it’s one foot in front of the other (aka: NOT overwhelming!). Sure, you get alot great ‘stuff’ in my HVMM package but it’s all so easy to understand and digest that you’ll be up and running in no time-flat.

high velocity market master trading success stories

I have been a member of UMT since day 1 and I always found it hard to move away from the core strategy, as it has been such a consistent winner across many markets for over 3 years.

However I can now see that after backtesting the HVMM, it is going to be time for a change. The really nice feature of this strategy is that it does a really nice job of keeping you on the sidelines when you should not be trading.

Anybody can design a system that will make you money when the market is trending, but it is really nice when you don’t give it back when the market is choppy. This strategy is looking like the best I have ever seen to keep you out of choppy markets – of course it is not perfect, and there is no system in the world that is, but I actually get more excited when I see a choppy session and look to see how much money I did not lose.

I have been trading this system on forex and I am poised to start on the DAX and forex futures. Well done again to the HVMM team – you have never been people to “let the grass grow under your feet” and I admire your tenacity to never be satisfied and to strive for something better.

Ken Cunningham
UMT Coach
*please see disclaimer

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Here’s What You Get
As A High Velocity Market Master Trader…

high velocity market master - forex

Newly Revamped! HVMM Custom Indicator Software

The backbone of this system- you’ll be given an all-access pass to these custom-developed indicators for forex, futures, stock and options markets FOREVER.

As soon as you signup with us, we’ll immediately ship out these extremely powerful indicators and apply to your charts to start seeing results. Fully compatible with MetaTrader, TradeStation, Ninja, and eSignal platforms.

These indicators recently underwent extensive research and refinement for this release. As a direct result, you can expect to see more downright impressive performance with an increased win/loss ratio that speaks for yourself. The HVMM’s software has never been more successful (yes, even better than the original!)


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high velocity market master trading success stories

I have been using UMT tools for 8 months now. Over that period my trading has become much more consistent week-in, week-out.

The latest High Velocity Market Master takes my consistency to higher levels. I am achieving in excess of 68% win rates over an extended period of time. The HVMM increases my level of confidence when I am trading with real money.

As a result I have widened my portfolio from the FOREX market to include the eMinis (Dow, Russell S&P 500 and the NASDAQ). These markets work brilliantly with HVMM and using the strategy of ‘two wins and done’, they provide a couple of profitable trades virtually every day at the beginning of each day.

I would have no hesitation in recommending HVMM to new or veteran traders alike. It will improve your win percentage, make you more consistent, smooth the peaks and troughs in your trading, reduce your anxiety and stress levels, and generally make your trading much more fun.

Michael Black
UMT Member & HVMM Beta Tester
*please see disclaimer

high velocity market master trading success stories footer

Forex – EURJPY For A Total Profit of 34 Pips!
forex EURJPY major pairs trading strategy
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The HVMM Guarantee

We will refund your purchase price in full, if, within the first 30 days of your receipt of HVMM it does not pay for itself in the markets with the strategies we disclose to you.

The requirements are simple. You must follow the strategy as documented and take the same official system trades you will see documented in the HVMM training. We require you to document 25 consecutive trades, easily done in typically less than 2 weeks and these can be real or demo trades.

We have these straightforward conditions since this is a very serious and effective strategy and we need to ensure that only the traders seeking and working towards positive results will take part. We are fully confident enough to offer this refund policy after 100% disclosure of our strategy since we know if you learn the strategy and document these trades as we require that you’ll be more than satisfied with the results. All we ask is you follow the strategy properly, (which should not be difficult after taking the time to learn it.) If the official results do not pay for the system itself by the end of 30 days, you may request, and shall receive a full refund provided you follow these simple terms disclosed here. Your purchase is your acceptance of the Performance Guarantee.

We are not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme looking for ‘Get Rich Quick’ buyers. So if you’re a serious trader looking to put some elbow grease into this effort, the HVMM and our Performance Guarantee is for you.

Well that’s it! I hope you love what you see here as much as I’ve loved showing it all to you. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished with the High Velocity Market Master, and I’m NOT shy to say it!

I honestly believe this is my most powerful and most successful systems to date, and hope you can see that, too. And because this is the first public release of the HVMM and I want to get the word out about the brand new upgrade, I am offering it this ONE time at a very low price.

Keep in mind, this price WILL increase at the end of this release close! After we sell-out this time around, the next time I offer it, it will be higher than this release special – I fully intend to bump price up because, let’s face it – it’s worth it. So take advantage of this first-time pricing right now before time runs out and the price goes up!

We’ve spoken to thousands of traders who’ve dropped a ton of cash on on other trading systems only to hear the same things over and over again. They were difficult to learn and impossible to use! The High Velocity Market Master couldn’t be more different; it’s simple, straight-forward, flexible and powerful. Plus, we GIVE you all the tools you’ll need for complete mastery including the option of up to a LIFETIME worth of membership to our Member’s Only Owner’s Club. We hope you’ll be among the lucky few who will get one before it sells out.

Again, we are committed to providing you every resource as our promise and mission to see you succeed. This system will truly empower you to trade as you never have before, giving you confidence, control, and all the tools you need to profit with your trading.

And remember, we are taking the risk here with our 100% 30-Day Performance Guarantee! We will refund your purchase price in full, if, within the first 30 days of your receipt of your High Velocity Market Master if it does not pay for itself in the first 30 days. All you’ve got to do is take 25 trades (real or on paper) using the HVMM methodology and send us you trade record. Then just send back your HVMM Resource Package and we’ll gladly refund your full purchase price. Easy right? Especially since these trades don’t even have to be with real money!

Our Money-Back Performance Guarantee is our assurance to you that the HVMM is real, and we stand behind it 100%.

So in lieu of our Guarantee, rather than charging $8,000-$10,000 as similar continuing education courses are priced, we are only charging a FRACTION of that. Why are we offering it so low? Because this is our first-ever release, we’re letting the HVMM system go at an introductory price in hopes to receive some really rockin’ success stories in return. Does that sound like a fair trade?

So after reviewing everything you’re going to receive form us, we encourage you to try us out for a full 30-days. If you’re not hooked on all the perks including supplemental tutorials, system updates and staff and community support, then simply just send us your 25-trade record, send back your High Velocity Resource Package and we’ll credit you the full price (minus shipping cost if applicable).

But we’re so confident that you’ll love all the benefits that come with the High Velocity Market Master, that we’re betting you’ll be profiting with us for the long-haul.

Good Trading,

Mark Soberman NetPicks High Velocity
Mark Soberman
President, NetPicks High Velocity Market Master

high velocity market master trading success stories

Based on my back testing and live trades, the HVMM is giving me about a 10% increase in my win percentage on a faster time frame with larger targets. It is also not triggering multiple losing trades in most of the choppy conditions of the market I am trading. I highly recommend that you give the High Velocity Market Master a try.

Alan Cummins
HVMM Beta Tester
*please see disclaimer
We’ve been waiting for a system that will minimize the chop, maximize the profits while minimizing the losses and you have delivered, thank you very much.

Jim Terry
HVMM Beta Tester
*please see disclaimer

high velocity market master trading success stories footer


high velocity market master trading success stories

I’ve been testing the HVMM on the Dow 144 over the past few weeks.

Since 7/29 I’ve only had 3 negative days. This week so far has been the most spectacular, thru today up 233 pts! Last week total was 131 pts and the week before 48 pts. I’m very impressed at how well this system has avoided the chop.

There is no question this will be the best system for the DOW. Although I haven’t tested it yet in any other markets, from hearing others report it seems as if it will easily be as successful in numerous instruments.

Jack Speer
HVMM Beta Tester
*please see disclaimer

high velocity market master trading success stories footer
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