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If You’re Like 90% of Traders Today, Then You’re Climbing an ‘Uphill Battle’ Losing as Much as 300% of Your Profits

The Good News Is, One Simple, Low-Effort Change Could Instantly Turn On the ‘Profit Faucet’ And Could Potentially Jump Your Income by Half or Even 2X.

I’m about to show you the one secret that virtually all traders fail to use. Why? Not because it’s complicated, expensive, or torture to learn… but simply because of ignorance. They don’t know. It may be the most overlooked strategy in trading across all markets.

They’re leaving money on the table…. maybe even 300%.

But YOU don’t have to.

From: Mark Soberman
Date: Wednesday, Feb 24th, 6:47am Eastern
Re: One Change

Dear Trader,

I know it doesn’t quite make sense when I say you’re “losing 300% of your money.” I mean, how can you lose 300%, you’re probably asking yourself.

Well, normally, you can’t. But “losing 300%” is still what it feels like when you suddenly experience a great winning day on the markets and suddenly understand how much money you’d been leaving money on the table all along.

It’s exhilarating. And maddening. When it hits you, you may feel like smashing your fist through your office wall.

This is exactly what I felt like after I heard a little technique called, trailing. What is trailing?

Well, trailing is a technique often used to protect profits without limiting potential gains by moving a stop up or down with the market. A stop order would be raised on a long position in a bullish market, and lowered on a short position in a bear market.

For example, a trader initiates a long futures position when the market is at $4, and places a protective stop at $3. The market then rallies to $10. He or she then moves the stop up to $9, exiting the position if the market falls to $9.

Easy enough to understand, right? But SO many traders aren’t even aware that this type of technique exists and most importantly, how to leverage this super easy trick into some serious potential profits.

But honestly, while trailing a stop is ridiculously easy once you’ve learned the basics, without the right system or without proper training, trailing *could* put you in hot water… potentially even blowing out your accout!

Good instruction on this simple tactic will all but ensure your profitable advantage whether you’re actively day trading the Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options or ETFs (swing trading, too!).

Which is why I’ve developed an insane new universal trading system that not only incorporates this technique but puts it front and center, shedding some light on the mysterious style of ‘trailing’.

Want to see some results? Read on for all the results you can handle 🙂

Mark Soberman
Seven Summits Trader


*Please See Disclaimer
And here’s a recent EURUSD 120 minute SST Equity Curve over the last 120 days.
Take note of the $38,597 in profits trading the SST strategy!



Well, I’ve been in the investment education industry for OVER 15+ years teaching traders from all over the world the in’s and out’s of active day and swing trading. From the early days of Stock trading to the super-lucrative Forex and Futures markets, to the brand ‘new kids on the block’, ETFS I’ve seen and traded them all… and made quite a few mistakes along the way. It’s my goal that you take my mistakes and learn from them, so you don’t make them yourself. In essence, I want you to stand on my shoulders!

In 1996, I started my one-man shop, NetPicks that started out as a stock signal service which then morphed through the years to a 25+ person team predominately specializing in investment systems, courses and training. Alongside my trusty partner in crime, Brian Short, we tear up the markets and show others how to do the same in as little time as possible! In addition, here are a few other things you may or maynot know about me and the NetPicks company…

  • We’re RABIDLY committed to representing our company and our excellent trading strategy in the most fair, balanced, and ethical light possible. We will NEVER tell you that you will never take a loss, show you results that never really happened, or leave you high and dry after you become an owner.
  • Our developers are crazy about testing, testing, testing before releasing a strategy to the public. Months and months (even years!) go into developing the indicators, rules, and exceptions so that when the strategy hits the the market, it’s comprehensive and accurate (unlike many competitors that just come up with a rule-set and sell it immediately without respect to long-term profitability).
  • Our entire team is comprised of real traders. Who else can say that the support staff answering your personal questions actually took their own trades that very day? Even better, each coach was at one time, in your shoes. They bought the strategy, learned it using the same training materials that you will, and truly mastered their trading (and now work for us!)

These facts are more like tenets that guide our conduct and the direction of the NetPicks as an investment education company. I pride myself on providing top-notch, superior performing trading systems that ARE NEVER ‘Get Rich Quick’ and are never 100% mechanical.

Nothing good comes for free or without a little sweat and elbow grease (methaphorically speaking 🙂 – but I do believe you can trade smarter using as the technology to do most of the heavy lifting. And that’s what my latest and most powerful system to date is all about.

*Please See Disclaimer


Say Hello to the Solution…

If you’re like most trader, you’re riding that ugly wave of futility… rising early and going to bed late, managing a myriad of difficulties, juggling bills, pushing yourself harder, harder, harder…. and sitting on a colossal amount of wealth and not even knowing it.

What a shame to get sucker punched by the economy, all the while not knowing you could easily increase your profits by just by making a change and throwing the switch?

Imagine unlocking these profits and experiencing more rewards for the efforts you are investing in trading both as a hobby and a money making career.

I’ve created a powerful new universal trading system that is in fact, my most successful and best profiting system to date. It’s called the Seven Summits Trader and specifically, it…

Unlocks the mysteries to harvesting more profit on your favorite markets (without spending another dime add-on modules or extra training)

Let the software do the heavy-lifting – your system does the work for you

Know at all times when to enter a market and when to exit and which setups will get maximum results from your specific market & time frame.

The one thing you should NEVER do while you’re half-way in a trade, ever

A system that will grow with you as you gain in experience and profits – never buy another system just because you transition to a higher level

Stop learning numerous strategies for Forex, futures and stocks – just learn one straightforward ruleset and that’s it

Automatically scoop up the big, ‘homerun’ wins as well as smaller profit using built-in technology

Enables you to virtually eliminate the risk of account blow-out

Equally powerful, whether you’re an advanced trader or if you’re a newbie

This is the strategy that separates the professionals from the fly by night amateurs that only end up toying around with a live account only to blow-out in just a few days.

*Please See Disclaimer

Proof That Profit is Not Only Possible, But Probably

In a world of Bernie Madoffs, Bailouts for incompetent corporations, and Get Rich Quick Forex Robots, a promise of solid profits and revenue sounds kind of ho-hum. Most of those other guys were promising more like 1000% return.

And since you know you can’t believe their big promises, why should you believe my modest promises?

As you are calibrating your BS detector, permit me to outline why this kind of growth is possible.

Fundamentally, the secret lies within the 80/20 principle.

I know that most trading system companies look at all traders the same – the same motivations, the same learning patterns, generally the same reception to their product. Because of that, these companies sell them the same way, using the same types of training, and offering them the same solutions.

Now think about that for a minute… is it really possible that thousands of people, from all different walks of life that have stumbled on their product from dozens of sources… is it really possible that all of these people have the same aspirations, the same interests, the same dreams, the same learning patterns?

Not likely. Judging from my past experience in teaching traders one-on-one, two people could be trading the exact same strategy and come up with different results. Why in the world would you treat the every single trader the same?

What I am saying is this:

When you CUSTOMIZE your trading system to a numer of different types of traders, the success ratio of your clients grows exponentially!

That’s why my promise is believable, even while Bernie Madoff’s customers’ money is all gone.

On to the Good Stuff:
AKA – What You Get!

Seven Summits Trader Software & Indicator Suite

The backbone of the all-new SST system! You’ll be given an all-access pass to these custom-developed indicators for forex, futures, stock and options markets FOREVER.

As soon as you signup with us, we’ll immediately ship out these extremely powerful indicators and apply to your charts to start seeing results. Fully compatible with MetaTrader, TradeStation, Ninja, and eSignal platforms.

These indicators recently underwent extensive research, testing and refinement prior to releaase. As a direct result, you can expect to see downright impressive performance with an increased win/loss ratio that speaks for itself.

30-Day Performance Guarantee

Our 30-Day Performance Guarantee is incredibly straightforward. In essence, it says that we will refund your purchase price in FULL, if, within the first 30 days of your receipt of SST it does not pay for itself in the markets with the strategies we disclose to you.

The requirements are simple. You must follow the strategy as documented and take the same official system trades you will see documented in the SST training. We require you to document 25 consecutive trades, easily done in typically less than 2 weeks and these can be real or demo trades.

We have these conditions to weed out the ‘lookie-loos’ and jokster tire-kickers that often come out of the woodwork when we release a system of this caliber. As this is a very serious and effective strategy and we need to ensure that only the traders seeking and working towards positive results will take part.

We are fully confident enough to offer this refund policy after 100% disclosure of our strategy since we know if you learn the strategy and document these trades as we require that you’ll be more than satisfied with the results. All we ask is you follow the strategy properly, (which should not be difficult after taking the time to learn it.) If the official results do not pay for the system itself by the end of 30 days, you may request, and shall receive a full refund provided you follow these simple terms disclosed here. Your purchase is your acceptance of the Performance Guarantee.

As mentioned before, we are not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme looking for ‘Get Rich Quick’ buyers. So if you’re a serious trader looking to put some elbow grease into this effort, the SST is for you.

*Please See Disclaimer
Recap of What You’re Gettingas a Seven Summits Trader

Lifetime Seven Summits Trader Indicator Suite that you’ll immediately be applying to your charts. These indicators make the SST tick and you’ll use the exact same suite of indicators across all markets and timeframes for the ultimate in simplicity.
5 Full Length In-Depth SST Training CDs that will play right in your computer, so you can watch and learn the Seven Summits Trader strategy step by step, at your own pace.
2 Comprehensive Workbook Training Manuals will let you see the key trade set-ups in detail – learn exactly where to buy and sell.  How we set our profit targets and stops and manage every trade to completion.
On-Going Monthly Access to the SST Owners Club where you will find supplemental tutorials, trainings, videos, news, updates, walk-through’s, our signature weekly live training room and much more!

You’ll also receive new trade plans a month which will literally serve as a roadmap to reproducing the same results you see in our blog posts and updates. We give you a test, tried-and-true guide to show you how to succeed in a few of our favorite markets. For each market, you’ll receive our settings on time intervals, time frames, charts, risk and exact money rules to acheive an “SST-approved” result!

Dedicated, Ongoing SST Support til you succeed and have mastered this system. We are here to answer your questions, not just sell you a system and leave you high and dry. Drop us an email or give us a call if you find yourself stuck – that’s what we’re here for!

All Extra Bonuses including

  • MyFX for MetaTrader Auto Trade Management Subscription ($99 Value)
  • Instant Rebate (Applies at Checkout) ($300 Value)
  • FREE shipping on your resource package ($50 Value)
  • Invitation to the 2011 NetPicks Global Virtual Training ($397 Value)
  • Monthly Live Q&A Webinars with Developers ($97 Value)
  • Signature 30-Day Performance Guarantee!!

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