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Neural DT Trading Systems ($2900)

The Neural DT day trading systems for TradeStation are designed to turn you into a consistently profitable day trader in the E-mini S&P MidCap 400 (EMD) and E-mini Russell 2000 (ER2) futures markets. Based on a novel hybrid neural network/rule-based trading approach, Neural DT can profit in both up trends and down trends in the markets to deliver outstanding performance. Neural DT consists of Neural DT 60 to capture the day’s primary trend on 60 minute bars and Neural DT 1 to capture a quick profit early in the day on 1 minute bars. Compared to other day trading systems for stock index futures, Neural DT offers the following advantages:


* State-of-the-art hybrid trading logic, developed by a Ph.D. engineer/trader, utilizes the best features of neural networks and rule-based trading.

* Excellent back-tested performance  to the beginning of the EMD and ER2 markets. Over 1600 trades in the history for each system.

* Same parameter values are used for long and short trades, which increases robustness.


* System parameters are normalized by volatility, so the systems automatically adapt to changes in market volatility.

* Realistic entry and exit rules mean excellent fills with either automated or manual trading
* Can be auto-traded Tradestation for hands-free trading.
* Low drawdowns make it suitable for accounts as small as $7500.
* Neural DT 60 and Neural DT 1 are almost entirely uncorrelated, which means superb diversification when trading both together.

Neural DT includes the following files:

NeuralDT-TS2000.ELS (EasyLanguage code for TradeStation 2000i)

NeuralDT-TS8.ELD (EasyLanguage code for TS 8 TS 9 or newer)

NeuralDT1.txt (EasyLanguage code in text format)

NeuralDT60.txt (EasyLanguage code in text format)

NDT-Workspace-ER2.tsw (Workspace file for ER2, TS 8 or newer) NDT-Workspace-EMD.tsw (Workspace file for EMD, TS 8 or newer) NDT-Workspace-Opt.tsw (Workspace file for optimizing, TS 8 or newer)

830303.cst (Custom session file for TS)

NeuralDTUG.pdf (This user’s guide in PDF format)




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